1 Month In

In December I had the good fortune to start a new job. This job was a new city, with a new staff, and a new work environment. The offices and the venue are two different buildings and there are five times as many events outside of the main venue as my last organization. I came from an annual operating budget three times of the new spot and for the first time in my career had as much or more experience than a majority of those on staff.

The first month was a blur. My new organization schedules event in ways that are completely foreign to me. The unavailability of the Hall during the Holiday makes operating incredibly difficult during and forces the operation to become extremely mobile. Four venues in one week with three different programs is challenging under the best of circumstances. Add four different venues to the mix and it is a recipe for disaster. I experienced all of this in my second week on the job. I was running events before I had a parking pass. The third week was just as bad. The fourth week was Christmas. It was intense in nearly every way possible.

The first month was all about getting up to speed on the logistics of events and right at the month mark, BOOM, “Welcome to the party, pal!!” Co-workers opened up, began sharing their concerns, even made feeble attempts to put down decision my boss has made that resulted in less than happy feelings. They asked for meetings and kept me after events to chat about their needs. Similarly my boss dropped an enormous amount of duties right on my desk, all in one day.

I find the timing remarkable. It wasn’t five weeks, or six weeks, or 90 days, all of this arrived simultaneously on the one month mark.

As I am approaching the two month mark now, I have been feeling a little more groove to the days and weeks. The insanity of the schedule has become slightly less daunting and I’m viewing the planning and execution a bit more confidence and perspective.

It continues to be a fantastic learning experience.